The Board Room



Donna Guinouard

Donna has the unique ability to show her clients how to find their energy in helping them identify their emotional eating triggers, healthy eating, exercise and more by implementing each customized program, and helping them create balance and an abundance of energy in their life.

After facing many daunting health challenges herself, Donna is inspiring and empowering her clients to live a healthy life full of passion, purpose and High Energy so they can live their best life.

Tim Johnson

Also known as the “Rehab Expert“. I started off in the trades in Pennsylvania and Georgia in 1991, and now include Chicago in my real estate realm. I’ve done both commercial and residential deals, working on over 4,000 properties over the last 20 years.

Steve Sipress

When I’m not helping small business owners get floods of leads and customers, I’m spending time with my beautiful wife Michele, or Reading, Writing, Playing Golf (poorly) or Playing Softball.

I’ve helped thousands of bricks-and-mortar business owners increase their incomes and improve their lifestyles, using The WOW! Strategy™.